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Open Source Maintainers Meeting 2023-01-24

  • recording: Link
  • Github issue: #31
  • Minutes Google Doc: Link


Use github alias

  • Admins team: @onebeyond/admins
  • Maintainers team: @onebeyond/maintainers
  • Ulises Gascon: @ulisesGascon
  • Íñigo Marquínez Prado: @inigomarquinez


  • New Slack dedicated to Open Source!
  • Great support inside the org (Pool results). Should we stream the meeting live?


Repo template as baseline

Prototype Pollution in JSON5 via Parse Method

  • See #21
  • Ulises doesn't have time, so Iñigo will lead the initiative
  • Let's take into account if that vulnerability affects us (directly at all)

Recover bot account

  • See #22
  • Ulises is leading the initiative
  • Currently NPM is the major challenge
  • Github and inbox were fully recovered already

Create a secrets management repository

  • See #30
  • Ulises leading the initiative.
  • Ulises will create a POC repo and prepare a demo to the team, then we will decide if we adopt it

Repos with NPM version mismatch

  • See #29
  • Mismatch due to manual releases in the past. Still patching them
  • Open for collaboration (please comment in the issue if you are interested)

Missing NPM Package publication permissions

  • See #28
  • Contact people in charge of those repos
  • Open for collaboration (please comment in the issue if you are interested)

Unify licenses in Repositories

  • See #27
  • Ulises has been reviewing the licenses in all the repositories and most of them have been patched, but he needs to re-patch to include the license periods for different authors

Initiatives for 2023

  • See #20
  • We need to involve more people (let's make some noise in Slack)
  • New initiative: Deprecating some packages that nobody uses?
  • New initiative: Integrate changes made in forks from some clients and integrate them in the meetings too.

Q&A, Other

  • Let's finish what we're working on before starting new things
  • Change meetings frequency to every 2 weeks, and updates by slack

Upcoming Meetings

  • In two weeks!