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One Beyond Open Source Maintainers Meeting 2023-05-18

  • recording: Link
  • Github issue: #85
  • Minutes Google Doc: Link


Use github alias

  • Admins team: @onebeyond/admins
  • Maintainers team: @onebeyond/maintainers
  • Ulises Gascon: @ulisesgascon
  • Íñigo Marquínez Prado: @inigomarquinez
  • Àlex Serra: @Bounteous17
  • Peter Aron Zentai: @PeterAronZentai


Review Scorecard results

  • Little organic downgrades in the scores


FEATURE: Open Source manifesto

  • See #84
  • Starting point the Siemens manifesto.
  • Move it internally to engage people (people in call and Open Source channel)
  • Where do we host it? The maintainers webpage is a good first place.
  • Zee will be proactive on this and ask Alexis and so on. Move it from ELT and gather feedback.

Tiers to classify projects

  • See #75
  • Ulises described the tiers that have been defined to be used from now on with all the projects in our organization.
  • There are 2 PRs regarding this( this and this) that have already been reviewed by several maintainers.
  • Right now we have to assign new repos to tiers manually when we receive a notification of the repo creation.
  • Zee suggests explaining the Open Source in a next All Hands meeting
  • There is another draft PR in progress

GitHub new features (Roadmap and tasklist)

  • See #65
  • We really need one project showing it (for example, cuckoojs) and if t
  • Group several such as systemic ecosystem

FEATURE: Release drafter

  • See #58
  • @Carpase is leading
  • No updates

Checklist for existing and new repositories

  • See #42
  • Pairing with Ulises to convert it to a GitHub action
  • Alex suggests to use terraform for this. It provides an integration with GitHub that would make this much easier. See more info here.
  • Alex will do a POC and talk to Íñigo about what we already have in the repo

OpenSSF Scorecard implementation

  • See #41
  • Work in progress by Ulises
  • Clear scope to bring new contributors to the organization
  • Ulises will also do an Internal KS about this also to make it easier to bring new contributors

Metafiles Definiton

  • See#15
  • Review and approve pending PRs
  • Remove from agenda

Q&A, Other

  • Newsletter will be prepared in next week (probably on Thursday)
  • Building the next generation maintainers team and introducing them with the tiers tasks.
  • Zee has created a new org for pet projects (similar to tier 0)
  • Zee asks about telemetry and most important metrics to be collected (not just for marketing). => in the newsletter part we can see several metrics that are auto generated (new repos, latest releases and some rankings, cauldron statistics, …).
  • Think about the next generation of contributors that can take ownership of this.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Next meeting will be in two weeks (1st June 2023)