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One Beyond Open Source Maintainers Meeting 2023-06-15

  • Recording: Link
  • Github issue: #92
  • Minutes Google Doc: Link


Use github alias

  • Admins team: @onebeyond/admins
  • Maintainers team: @onebeyond/maintainers
  • Ulises Gascón: @UlisesGascon
  • Àlex Serra: @Bounteous17
  • Íñigo Marquínez Prado: @inigomarquinez



FEATURE: Slack bot to welcome new users

  • See #91
  • Bot to welcome joiners and give them initial information / instructions:
    • @inigomarquinez will investigate it
    • Introductions channel

FEATURE: Open Source manifesto

  • See #84
  • Already informed in the announcements section

GitHub new features (Roadmap and tasklist)

FEATURE: Release drafter

  • See #58
  • Already in place in the license-checker project. See it working here
  • Also solved the problem of duplicated releases due to a change of namespace. See

Checklist for existing and new repositories

  • See #42
  • On hold until we know what we can automatize with Terraform We remove it from the agenda until we have updates on the Terraform tasks, so we can know which gaps should be covered by this tool

Q&A, Other

  • Àlex Serra did a quick demo of the progress in the load testing project and he will continue working on it during next weeks

Upcoming Meetings

  • Next meeting will be in two weeks (28th June 2023)