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One Beyond Open Source Maintainers Meeting 2023-07-13


Use github alias

  • Admins team: @onebeyond/admins
  • Maintainers team: @onebeyond/maintainers
  • Ulises Gascon: @ulisesGascon
  • Íñigo Marquínez Prado: @inigomarquinez
  • Carlos Serrano: @carpasse
  • Carlos Jimenez: @betisman



FEATURE: Create a GitHub action to review Markdown

  • See #100
  • No news on this. We still need to work on this and perhaps test it in one or two repositories.

FEATURE: Slack bot to welcome new users

  • See #91
  • We need to do our own bot, but not in our priority list right now. Betis says that they can guide us on that because we already have something similar with the gratitude bot

GitHub new features (Roadmap and tasklist)

  • See #65
  • Close the ticket as spike
  • Add it to maintainers repo
  • Don’t forget to terraform it

FEATURE: Release drafter

See #58

  • Íñigo will do a POC with the release-drafter GitHub action so we can decide if we want to use release-please action (based on creating PRs for every new release) or release-drafter (based on creating draft GitHub releases with all the changes merged in main)

Q&A, Other

  • Problem when adding new repos because perhaps we may forget to add it to a tier: we need to start thinking about the governance, with a list of steps when creating a new repository.
  • No meetings in August

Upcoming Meetings

  • Next meeting will be in two weeks (27th July 2023)