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One Beyond Open Source Maintainers Meeting 2023-09-21


Use github alias

  • Admins team: @onebeyond/admins
  • Maintainers team: @onebeyond/maintainers
  • Íñigo Marquínez Prado: @inigomarquinez
  • Àlex Serra: @bounteous17
  • Paula Encinar Sanz @Paula-Encinar
  • Ulises Gascon: @ulisesGascon


Preparing the Newsletter Àlex and Paula have been improving the terraform for the GitHub org (such as migrating users and teams. Teams have already been migrated and also a bunch of users to test how it works). Next steps will be migrating all the users and repositories with common rules/configuration. Àlex improving warthog load testing


Integrate OSS Check to display Code Climate insights

Add Code Climate test coverage report to Tier 1 projects #131

  • See #131
  • Each project requires a specific key to send the reports.
  • Iñigo is updating the keys (open to contributions)
  • Having a command to run test coverage it will be required for tier 1 projects in the future (PR soon)

Review badges in Tier 1 projects

  • See #129
  • Badges normalized and added new badges to the projects ( and all-contributors)
  • Think about how to thank people for their contributions using open source badges (initiatives for next year)

Review Code Climate suggestions in Tier 1 projects

  • See #127
  • Ulises will provide a token to generate issues automatically ()

GitHub new features (Roadmap and tasklist)

FEATURE: Release drafter

Q&A, Other

  • Hacktoberfest is coming ( (it would be great to have the “hacktoberfest” tag in all the repositories)

Upcoming Meetings

  • Next meeting will be in two weeks (5th Oct 2023)