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The One Beyond Open Source Manifesto

Version 1.0.0

One Beyond has resolved to be an active and reliable member in the Open Source ecosystem. We aim to benefit our customers, employees, and the company, while contributing to the wider community. We recognize the central role of Open Source in promoting software reuse in our growing digital world, which is an increasingly important contribution in our effort to responsibly handle resources.

To ensure we can achieve and maintain our active participation, we have decided to follow these guiding principles in our commitment to Open Source:

Company Principles

  • Encourage Open Source: One Beyond will support and empower its employees to use, contribute to, and create Open Source projects.

  • Facilitate Participation: One Beyond will drive and foster active engagement in Open Source activities relevant to our company's projects.

  • Grow Through Exposure: One Beyond will encourage and facilitate learning and advancement of its employees through Open Source activities.

  • Promote Visibility: One Beyond will continuously improve and maintain a positive reputation in the Open Source community.

Employee Principles

  • Prefer Open Source: Employees will look for suitable Open Source solutions before writing or using custom code.

  • Contribute: Employees will favor contributing to Open Source projects over local changes within the scope of their day-to-day work.

  • Foster Teamwork: Employees will collaborate and support each other in driving Open Source efforts.

  • Be Responsible Citizens: Employees will always act responsibly in the Open Source community, with care and respect in both content and communication.


Are you a One Beyond employee and want to join the supporters?

The following people (alphabetically sorted) are committed to support the Manifesto and its implementation within One Beyond:

In the spirit of Open Source, our manifesto was initially inspired by the Siemens Open Source Manifesto. All content on this page, except the names and roles of the signatories, is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.